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    Tours & Travel | PT. Jelajah Jagat Semesta | Monday, 21st January 2019
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    Thursday, 22nd January 2015

    Green Canyon is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Java Island.  Green is the outstanding color of Green Canyon.  Its natural green color of the gorges and river makes the view more exotic and wonderful. It is surrounded by two beaches Batu Hiu and Batu Karang. Traditional boats are available to row along the river.  For more adventurous ones, body rafting is a must. Sunset is not a scenery people would want to miss in this area.  Why Green Canyon? Because no other places is as green as Green Canyon.  Go Green Canyon...should not be missed.


    Borobudur, Yogyakarta

    UNESCO has declared Borobudur to be one of the Wonders of the World.  It is built upon the center point of Central Java.  Its structure is made of blocks of bricks and stones with hand carving on the walls around this Buddhist Temple. Its height and width amazes the eyes that see it.  The Buddha Stupas (Statues) on the temple are elegently constructed. People are always amazed by the way it was built because back in those days machines and high technology did not exist.  Borobudur is indeed amazing. 

    Yogyakarta, Central JavaYogyakarta is an otonomy city in Indonesia that has the prerogative to be governed by Keraton (Yogyakarta Palace).  Keraton has been in existence before the Dutch colony began. It has always been led by a king called Sultan. Sultan is highly respected by the people of Jogja and has great influence in governing the city.  Its palace is built with the style of traditional Javanese carving. Yogyakarta Keraton is indeed one of the rich elements of Indonesia that has many historical issues.  Its existence enriches the exotic and elegant culture of Indonesia. A street of Malioboro is a heaven for shoppers.  Shoppers find cheap but good quality of batik and other items of Yogyakarta handy crafts and is famous for its food street.  Yogyakarta...wouldn't want to miss it.

    Komodo Island
    This Komodo Island is located along the island of Flores in eastern part of Indonesia.  It has been recently declared by UNESCO as one of the Wonders of the World.  People say Komodo is a resemblance of a Dragon.  Its big tail can slash down a buffalo, its big jaw can swallow a boar. Komodo is classified as Monitor Lizard Reptile and a rare and endangered species in the world.  And yes, they look and walk like giant lizards. Komodo, however, has been a target to wild hunters and are sold as souvenirs. Fortunately, the government has been protecting them since the 1900s.  Not only Komodo is a great attraction but the beauty of the beach and island where they live is very enchanting.  Boats can be rented to go around the island.  Komodo Island is a must. 
    Bromo Mountain
    Bromo is an active volcano mountain in East Java.  It is also surrounded by may small volcanos.  Both local and domestic tourist fall in love easily with Bromo due to its cold weather and beautiful mountain view.  Temperature falls between 8-12 degree Celcius at night time. Bromo mountain is surrounded by a desert called the Whispering Sand.  Horses and jeep mountains are available to track down the area.  The tribe living in the area is Tengger who consider Bromo as a sacred mountain.  They perform Yadnya Kasada ritual once a year down in a Hindu Temple (Pura)by the mountain area. The blue clear sky shelters the mountain and makes the panorama more amazing.  Bromo is amazingly wonderful.
    Karimunjawa Island
    Diving, snorkeling or just enjoying the sight of beautiful and colorful fish?  Then Karimunjawa island is the answer.  It is located in the northern part of Java main island.  Its view of the white sand beach and clear water as well as the virgin coral reefs and colorful fish is unforgettable.  It is the perfect ocean for divers and snorkelers and families with children.  Visitors can even swim along with tamed baby sharks!  It is something that is not found in other beaches in Indonesia. unbeatable.
    Tidung Island
    What is special about Tidung Island?  Many! Visitors do not have to spend much money to go there. Tidung has been known as the budget island. One price for many things.  Not only snorkeling to do....there are others such as riding on banana boat and biking around the island. The most interesting part is that Tidung island consists of 2 islands.  The bridge that connects them is called the LOVE Bridge.  Why?  Many couples make a vow on the bridge upon their love for one another on the bridge under the clear blue sky or the view of sunset. Tidung island is so affordable.


    Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved -
    Tours & Travel | PT. Jelajah Jagat Semesta | Monday, 21st January 2019